Events and surroundings

Below you can find tips and directions to discover the wonderful area around our hotel. Among enchanting beaches, small villages, breathtaking landscapes and many other unmissable destinations to visit between sea, nature, art, history and culture ...

In addition, we also point out particular events such as the Lamparata of Marina di Camerota.

At the reception of our Hotel, in addition to all the information brochures on the activities to be carried out and the places to visit, you will also find our highly trained staff who will be happy to advise you and give you other valuable information about it.

The Lamparata of Marina di Camerota

The Lamparata of Marina di Camerota is an ancient night fishing technique for blue fish. Today it is an event to be experienced firsthand together with the fishermen of the Cilento Mare Cooperative. In the first phase of the event you can watch fishing on board the boats. Once you have hoisted the nets and finished the lamparata, you return to land to taste the fresh fish in a delicious menu ...


Baia Infreschi Cala Bianca

Cala Bianca and Porto Infreschi respectively won the web survey organized by Legambiente as the most beautiful beach for 2013 and 2014. Nature, Mediterranean scents and colors mix with the historical traces that surround this enchanted and crystalline body of water.



Pisciotta is recognized by all as one of the best preserved medieval villages of Cilento. It is perched on a hill on top of which the noble palaces and the mother church stand out, defended by all the other ancient stone buildings. It is made up of alleys, sometimes very narrow, which branch off like in a labyrinth, so much so that it is not always clear where they lead.
The town, slowly but steadily, has moved towards a full enhancement of all its historical and artistic resources. Now Pisciotta offers a very interesting excursion into the Middle Ages.


Padula Charterhouse

It is possible to divide the architectural layout of the Certosa di Padula into two areas: the first includes the workplaces while the second is the area of ​​residence of the monks.

The structure of the Charterhouse, as for all the other Charterhouses, follows the Carthusian rule, that is the rule that preaches work and contemplation. Precisely for this reason in the Charterhouse there are different places for their implementation: the cloister, the library, where it is still possible to admire the floor made of Vietrese ceramic tiles, the Chapel decorated with precious marbles, the large kitchen, the large wine cellars, the laundries and the neighboring fields where the fruits of the earth were cultivated for the sustenance of the monks.


Pertosa Caves

Among the destinations most appreciated by our customers and to be counted among the most beautiful places to visit in our district, there are certainly the Pertosa Caves. A complex of karst caves whose origins date back to about 35 million years ago.

To make these splendid caves unique and suggestive, in addition to the natural spectacle offered by stalactites and stalagmites, tunnels, waterfalls and water courses, are the fossil finds and the wooden finds inside (perfectly maintained) that attest to their use by of men of the Bronze Age and, probably, also of the Stone Age