Baia Infreschi Cala Bianca

Cala Bianca and Porto Infreschi respectively won the web survey organized by Legambiente as the most beautiful beach for 2013 and 2014. Nature, Mediterranean scents and colors mix with the historical traces that surround this enchanted and crystalline body of water.

The beautiful inlet opens immediately beyond the angular Punta Magazzeno, where the characteristic ruins of a tonnara are located. The inlet is closed in a spectacular way by a rocky arm that appears in front of it, called "Punta Stradella", which fills the suggestive scenography.

Baia Infreschi owes its name to the source of fresh and cold water found inside the Grotto which is located in the northern corner of the inlet. There are some small beaches in the bay. The largest is the arrival point of the path that descends from Serra degli Infreschi, which in turn can be reached from Lentiscosa or Cala Bianca.