Pertosa Caves

Among the destinations most appreciated by our customers and to be counted among the most beautiful places to visit in our district, there are certainly the Pertosa Caves. A complex of karst caves whose origins date back to about 35 million years ago.

To make these splendid caves unique and suggestive, in addition to the natural spectacle offered by stalactites and stalagmites, tunnels, waterfalls and water courses, are the fossil finds and the wooden finds inside (perfectly maintained) that attest to their use by of men of the Bronze Age and, probably, also of the Stone Age

This is one of the reasons why the cave is particularly appreciated by even the most experienced visitors and speleologists.

Another striking detail is the access to the cave, accessible via a boat that will continue its crossing inside for another 200 meters, going up an underground river.

Once you have landed you can choose from numerous routes ranging from the most touristic to the most demanding ones reserved for speleologists.


BASIC route: duration of about 60 minutes, foresees the first 200 m. by boat the remaining part of 1000 m. on foot with arrival at the Great Hall.

INTERMEDIATE route: duration of about 75 minutes, foresees the first 200 m. by boat and the remaining part of 1200 m. on foot arriving at the Sala delle Spongne.

EXTRA route: duration of 90 minutes includes a double embarkation-disembarkation, 250 m. by boat and the remainder of 1500 m. on foot with a visit to the Sala Paradiso


FOSSIL path: about 3 hours long, 500 meters long in which you cross tunnels and conduits characterized by enormous phenomena of stalact-stalagmite concretion.

ACTIVE route: lasting about 3 hours, a total of 500 meters long where you follow the course of the underground stream against the current up to the spring pool, knowing the most distant and secluded corners of the entire cave.

All visits are obviously guided by an expert person.

Another curiosity: for several years the caves have been the setting for a theatrical show "Dante's Inferno in the Caves", produced by the Tappeto Volante SAS, in which the public divided into small groups and accompanied by Dante himself, enters the tunnels of the cave and along the way he meets numerous characters from his poem who perform songs, music and dances. In short ... a truly unique show.