The hotel

The Cliff Hotel is located on the seafront of Marina di Camerota, beautiful pearl of the Mediterranean, set among centuries-old olive trees and magnificent Saracen towers.

The Hotel was built in 1960 by the brothers Bernardino and Vincenzo Pironti, only to be completely restored by the daughter of Bernardino, Michela Pironti, which still leads.

The hotel owes its name to the wonderful underlying Cliff along which over time has developed the tourist port of Marina di Camerota, the place of the intense life of a fishing village.

The passion, tradition, love for the hospitality of the owners has meant that the Hotel The Cliff is for forty years a point of reference in the tourist panorama Cilento.

The hotel boasts an enviable location, it is right in its center on Marina di Camerota pedestrian area, just steps from the sea and the landing stage for trips to the most 'beautiful beach in Italy, according to Legambiente: the Calabianca Beach The hotel consists of 32 rooms on four floors served by a lift, and the dining room on the top floor, with a panoramic terrace overlooking the beautiful bay front.


Hotel la Scogliera
Via Lungomare Trieste 97
84059 Marina di Camerota (SA)

tel. 0974 932019

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